The various services and support we provide for E-Prime are: 


  • E-prime tutorial.

  • Experimental paradigm design consultation.

  • Experiment programming, including:

  • Script-based tasks.

  • Complex tasks within E-Prime, such as mouse tracking, subliminal stimulation, highly accurate timing, etc.

  • External software modules integration.

  • Equipment (such as Mindware, eye-trackers, EEG, fMRI) integration within E-Prime.

  • Data extraction, aggregation, and analysis.

The E-Prime suite of unique applications includes: E-Studio - Drag and drop graphical interface for experiment design. E Fundamental - Fundamental scripting language of E-Prime.


E-Prime is a suite of unique applications to fulfill all of your computerized experiment needs. E-Prime provides millisecond precision timing to ensure the accuracy of your data. E-Prime versatility to create simple to advanced tests is fantastic for both beginner and sophisticated users.E Merge - easily and quickly combines your single session documents for the group evaluation. E DataAid - Data management power that permits you to filtration, edit, evaluate, and export your data. E Restoration - Retrieves documents in the case of earlier ended tests, or lost or damaged documents. New with version 2.0. Enhanced graphical interface. Capability to play digital films as stimuli. Copy & paste objects between experiments. Digital recording of vocalizations participants. Elevated show speed for bitmap exchanges. Assistance for extra picture types. Support for stimuli on numerous video shows. Show stimuli on any connected monitor. 

Improved audio support. UNICODE support and international fonts. Support for new devices. Extended support for larger scripts. Enhanced records and indexing of on-line Help. A comprehensive scripting language. The Professional version is available with extra features.

Our programming experts, support the entire range E-Prime products to write a unique custom-tailored tool to answer your research and development needs.  

E-Prime service and Support

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